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For most of us, life is full of transitions. Some changes create pain, loss or failure, as well as opportunities to grow and create. Many of us have difficulty coping, and need help to make change that helps us heal.

For more than twenty years, the Columbus community has looked to Wilbridge Wellness, Consultation and Counseling Center in Worthington, Ohio, for cutting edge, innovative, growth-centered psychotherapy and counseling. We are committed to supporting you in life's biggest challenge: change.

We are a group of multidisciplinary therapists working from a variety of healing perspectives including:



At Wilbridge Counseling, we believe in treating the whole person, mind, body and spirit. The most effective solutions are those that address the unique situation of each client. Because of our ability to offer a broad range of approaches, we have the flexibility to create solutions for individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. We believe in the creation of a respectful, safe environment in which issues can be addressed, where clients feel empowered to take risks and where each can make choices to grow, change, and create a more satisfying life. 





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